The Evelyn L. Fernandez Scholarship Fund (ELFSF)

The Evelyn L Fernandez Scholarship Fund was founded in 2021 in association with DTC. The objective of the ELFSF is to support students who are pursuing higher education studies and who have endured struggles or challenges and demonstrated interest and ability in the field of education. The Fund is a privately funded tuition assistance program for university-level students pursuing an education in the United States. The ELFSF provides $1000 to students registered in Bachelor of Education, BA, or BS, program at an accredited college or university. The result of fundraising efforts will dictate the number of scholarships that will be awarded. Last year the program was a success thanks to people like you.

In the first year, five scholarships were awarded to five future students of education. This impact has been very real in the lives of these students. This year the Committee has already begun its process. The number of scholarships is directly tied to the amount of funds we receive. Individuals and organizations have been so generous that these students have received these scholarships. No amount of donation is too small, and the donations go directly to the fund for use for these scholarships. You can make this another successful year for this program and impact the lives of young men and women in the field of education.

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Phone: (954) 742-7832 extension #1224