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Darlene and Horace Hord: Members for 7 years

When Darlene Hord moved from California to south Fort Lauderdale around 2006, she already knew the church she wanted to attend. She even knew the pastor’s name. Problem was, Darlene didn’t know exactly where in Florida the church was located.

All she knew was that there was an anointing on that pastor to preach God’s Word that she had never seen or heard before. She just had to be under his teaching.

“When I lived in Los Angeles, Bishop was a guest speaker at the church where I was a member,” Darlene recalled, “and they mentioned that his church was in Florida. Not knowing much about him, I remembered the message very clearly and had said if I ever got to Florida, that would be the church I would visit.”

In time, Darlene did make it to Florida, and to The Faith Center where Henry Fernandez is pastor. How that happened, though, Darlene says was truly orchestrated by God.

As she explains it, one morning Darlene woke up feeling depressed and felt she needed to be in church. “We go through little issues in life at times,” she said. “For me, it was the whole transition thing of moving from California to Florida.”

Eager to hear God’s Word, Darlene turned on the television and tuned to a Christian channel.

“Who was on the TV but Bishop Henry Fernandez!” she said. “I watched, listened and waited for the instructions and the address to the church! I got directions and came on down, and here I am!”

She’s been attending The Faith Center ever since.

“When I joined The Faith Center, and continued to witness the anointing of the Word that was on Bishop’s life, there was no question in my mind. It felt like this was home for me. There’s something about being in the presence of the Lord, and the power of the Word in that church brought my deliverance.”

When Horace Hord first visited The Faith Center, he and Darlene were only dating. At the previous church where he was a member, Horace sang on the choir. But because he also wanted to be in church with Darlene, he says, he would sing with the choir at the 8 a.m. Sunday service, then leave to visit The Faith Center for their 10 a.m. service.

After a while, Horace said he began to notice something strange regarding his singing.

“Every Sunday, when I would sing on the choir, the anointing would not come on my voice,” Horace recalls. “At rehearsals, the anointing was there, but during church service I would have difficulty singing. When I would come to The Faith Center, and would be standing and singing in the congregation along with the worship team during service, the anointing would be on my voice. People would sometimes turn to me and say things like, ‘You should be up there with the choir.’”

Finally, it became clear to Horace what was happening when he heard the Lord say to him, This is where I want you, and this is where I’m going to give you the anointing to sing.

Connecting with The Faith Center was not the only challenge Horace found himself facing. As his relationship with Darlene became more serious, Horace realized he needed to make a decision regarding their relationship. That’s where being at The Faith Center became most valuable to him.

“In a counseling session, Bishop Fernandez said something that actually pushed me over the edge, because I was delaying getting married,” Horace remembered. “She was quite ready, but I wasn’t. I had been married twice before. I was a terrible husband in the first marriage. The second one, I tried to do everything right. But with Darlene I was still very inhibited about making a commitment. I felt there were some things I needed to do to get in order.

“But Bishop said to me, ‘You need to make the decision, and go for it. Don’t let things stand in the way. Get over it and make a decision, and go for it.’

“Looking back, I believe God was preparing me for Darlene, because she’s truly a very special person. I think it was the counsel we received from Bishop, and the Word that was coming forth, that got me to the point of having the courage to make the commitment to Darlene.”

Since settling in at The Faith Center, the Hords are convinced that this is where God wants them to be. It’s where they believe He can help them use their gifts to be a blessing to others.

“The teaching at The Faith Center is very unique,” says Horace. “I’ve been committed to the Lord since 1985, and have really immersed myself in the Word and allowed the Holy Spirit to speak to and teach me. The messages that we get here reach everyone—from the unbeliever, to young believer, to the seasoned believer. The messages are always fresh, extremely accurate and very relevant, which I find really dynamic.”

“There is a spirit of excellence here at The Faith Center,” adds Darlene. “There’s so much and so many interesting and spirit-filled programs here that keep me engaged and wanting more. I need to be able to grow, to be fed so that I can go to the next level. If you’re not going to push me to go to the next level, then I’m going to be bored. Bishop Fernandez ‘pushes’ us to excel. He encourages us to reach out to others. That makes a difference because it’s part of who we’re called to be as believers. We’re supposed to share the light.

“When you walk through the door you feel the warmth and friendliness. That’s very engaging. God is not a God of confusion. He does all things well—in decent and in order. This church functions in that light, so that when you come through the door, you know everything is flowing accordingly—that everyone’s needs are ready to be met. If they are really coming to receive from the Lord, then they will receive!”

"The messages that we get here reach everyone—from the unbeliever, to the young believer, to the seasoned believer."

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