Obeying God’s Voice; Answering His Call!

Adrienne and Walter Brown: Members for 7 years

Adrienne and Walter Brown were at two different ends of the spectrum. In their former church, Adrienne had begun to sense that their season was coming to an end; that God wanted to move them to the next level in their service to Him.

Her first visit to The Faith Center confirmed those feelings.

I was familiar with The Faith Center because we drove past it every week on the way to our church,” says Adrienne. “I was feeling a nudge to visit, so we started coming. When we came for the first time, I was blown away! We were late, so we missed praise and worship. But we caught the message by Pastor Fernandez, and right away I felt at peace. I wondered if this was what God was trying to tell us, because of the peace and comfort we felt just being in this house. I said, ‘Lord, is this what you’re trying to tell us?’”

Walter was comfortable at his former church, where he felt his family was growing spiritually. But, like Adrienne, he too felt a nudging to visit The Faith Center.

“In a sense, I felt that, yes, coming to The Faith Center was something the Lord wanted me to do. But I told the Lord I was not ready,” says Walter.

One of his major concerns, Walter admits, was that the church had no youth department; something he felt was vital for their children’s spiritual development.

“But after a while, we realized the Lord was telling us He wanted us to come here to help start a youth department,” says Walter. “We were already blown away by the messages we were receiving from the pastor. We just felt that we needed to step out on faith and have the courage to know that God was going to take care of everything for our family.”

Today, the Browns are the directors of the new Youth Center at The Faith Center, a high-tech youth facility that was formally dedicated in December 2012. They consider it a blessing that God has entrusted them with the lives of His next generation of believers.

“Once you start to really pour into the youth and they start pouring back into you, you begin to receive that blessing of fulfillment,” says Walter. “Just to see how a young person can grab hold of what we’re saying to them from the Word of God—that they’re getting it—and for them to take it home and have their parents experience it and their parents come back and say, ‘What are you doing to my child!’ it’s just amazing! The parents don’t want to come to church late because they understand that their kids want to be here and involved in the youth ministry.

“The lessons that are being taught here at The Faith Center are just incredible!” Walter says. “As a husband, as a father, as a man in this church, I’ve been able to grow so much. I encourage others to come to The Faith Center and learn from Pastor Fernandez. Just as we teach the kids in the youth ministry how to be leaders, I’ve learned from his teaching how to be a stronger man, and a stronger father figure. I’ve learned how to take the concepts of faith and propel them into teaching the youth. I encourage anyone to come to The Faith Center. Come with your ears open, with your hearts open—ready to receive, because everything you receive from this ministry, you’ll be able to pour into your families, your friends, and your coworkers.”

Adrienne adds: “As a mother and a youth director here at The Faith Center, I’m so proud and excited to be able to lead our children and the youth of our community with Children’s Church and youth services. We have a phenomenal time with these young people.

“Through Children’s Church, programs for your youth, tutoring sessions during the week, and mid-week Bible Study, we’re teaching them how to be leaders—how to serve in ministry in the future. We’re not teaching them to be “pew sitters”. We have a lot of kids who are neighbors of families that come here. We are open to the whole community here in the Ft. Lauderdale area. We’re looking at the future of these youth—their spiritual future. And we hope that parents will entrust their kids with us for just a couple of hours on a Sunday morning or throughout the week, as we partner with them—the parents—to help nullify the prediction and help rewrite the future over our youth.”

"The lessons that are being taught here at The Faith Center are just incredible!"

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