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Shellian Jacquett: Member for 10 years

Shellian Jacquett could easily be considered a product of The Faith Center. Raised in a Christian home, and a member of the church since 1999, the 23-year old has fond memories of her early days in church—starting with being part of Children’s Church, where she was actively involved at age 9.

“Being someone who has grown up here at The Faith Center, it’s easy for me to see how much I’ve grown,” says Shellian. “I started off being really involved. I did dance, I did choir. I even worked the product table. There’s so much here for members to be involved in; so many outlets and options and ways for the community to be served.”

Coming from a family that was “success-motivated,” Shellian learned early about the importance of education. But as she quickly points out, “I’ve also learned how important it was to equip myself and grow spiritually, not just academically. I used to focus a lot on my studies: doing well academically and studying hard. But through the teachings here at The Faith Center, I realized I needed a reference point to go back to. What I’m getting from this ministry is encouragement to better myself. A lot of times, we look to different people for guidance when it’s really right there in front of us—in the Bible. I need that kind of instruction.”

Particularly exciting for Shellian has been the concern and commitment The Faith Center has shown for youth—both in the church and the community.

“People will often sugarcoat things and think they’re doing their youth a favor or a service. But that’s so far from what young people are looking for,” she says. “Young people today are about realness. They’re all about reality. They don’t want fake. They want it all real—just the way it is. Even though they sometimes don’t want to admit it, they really do want someone to tell them what to do.

“As a young person, I can say that The Faith Center is making strides to be relevant to the present culture. And I believe youth are giving a nod to The Faith Center because of the strides the church is making through things like the Youth Center and social media. In my own home, for instance, my mom is all over Twitter—even more than I am. It’s a gap that we’re bridging.”

"As a young person, I can say that The Faith Center is making strides to be relevant to the present culture."

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