Faith to Believe; Faith to Succeed!

Shaun Saunders: Member for 10 years

As a strong, mature Christian who was well-educated and a very astute business woman, Shaun Saunders desired to be successful in her field. But succeeding in a male-dominated arena was something that caused her to doubt her ability to get ahead.

Faith is no stranger to this strong-willed woman, who has leaned on God every step of the way—not just in plotting her career path, but also in the raising of her two children. So, when she needed direction for her business, and how she should proceed, Shawn knew just where to turn.

“As a businesswoman, I know that it is impossible to run a successful business without the presence of God and the influence of His Word,” says Shawn. “But with God at the helm, and moving forward in faith in the Word, you can apply God’s wisdom to decisions that you cannot even learn in an MBA school program.”

Knowing she needed a strong support system to help keep her grounded and strengthen her faith, Shawn began attending The Faith Center, at the suggestion of a friend.

“I was searching for a ministry that would allow me to grow in the faith that I was now coming to understand, when I heard about The Faith Center through a friend,” she recalls. “What I found when I visited the church was that the message I was hearing matched the path that God was taking me on, so I became a member.

“When I first came to The Faith Center, I had been in business only about three years and was new to the concept of making a six or seven-figure income. It was really important to me that I become part of a ministry where you hear someone constantly say things like, ‘You can do it.’ ‘If you can do it, you can achieve it.’ ‘Faith in God will move mountains out of your life.’ That was a key thing that I had to walk out, because I had so many hurdles and obstacles that were sending me a different message by saying, ‘You should not succeed.’

“What I get from The Faith Center on a weekly basis is an ability to confirm and affirm what I already know God is speaking to me through His Word. If I’m at home studying the Word, and I come to church on Sunday, it’s almost like Pastor Fernandez and I had been on the same path for the past week. What he teaches is an affirmation of what I believe, what I’m practicing, and what I’m looking forward to for the future. There were days when I came to the church and I was so broken. I wanted to give up. But the Word that was spoken that very day was something that propelled me forward. Sometimes it was just enough to last me the next day. Hebrews 11:1, for example, began to mean something different to me. Now, faith doesn’t mean my faith two days ago; but the faith I’m walking in right now strengthens me to go the next step.”

Fortunately, the message of “You can do it!” has resonated much louder for Shawn her over the years than listening to naysayers telling her she would never make it. Through the teaching she has received at The Faith Center, Shawn says her faith has continued to increase. And so has her business. After years of exercising her faith to succeed, and receiving direction and instruction through God’s Word, Shawn Saunders now claims an annual income that has eclipsed the six-figure mark—something that clearly identifies her as a successful businesswoman. She can hold her head high, and declare that through her faith in God, and the encouragement she received as a member of a faith-believing church, she and God “did it.”

"What I get from The Faith Center on a weekly basis is an ability to affirm what I already know God is speaking to me through His Word."

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