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Janice and Clarence Majors: Members for 14 years

“Everybody loves Clarence and Janice Major.”

Ask anyone at The Faith Center who is familiar with this vibrant, energetic, 80-something years young couple, and likely that’s the response you’ll get.

That’s because, as volunteers who serve as greeters with the Hospitality Ministry, most everyone who has graced the doors of the church, have been loved on by this handsome couple. Especially Janice, who takes the Bible literally when it says in 2 Corinthians to “Greet one another with an holy kiss.”

If you’ve walked through her door, then you’ve received a sweet, innocent peck on the cheek!

But just as much as the members of The Faith Center have come to love and appreciate the Major’s, Clarence and Janice feel very much the same about them. Since coming to The Faith Center, they have been given much opportunity to share what God first created between them more than 30 years ago when they first met.

“The Lord appeared to me in a vision in 1983, about a woman that I would meet,” says Clarence, who had already been married twice before. “He even showed me how she would look, including her size.”

About seven years later, the Lord instructed Clarence to travel to Vero Beach. Once there, he was to visit a certain church where his future wife attended.

“God was very specific,” Clarence recalled.

“He told me that she had been married before, and that her husband was now deceased; that she had three adult children; and that her mother lived in Hollywood, Florida,” said Clarence. “When I met her, I asked if those things were correct, and she confirmed each of them.”

The Lord also told Clarence that upon finding his wife, “She’s going to bring you in and kiss you ever so softly.”

After a time of dating, the couple found their way to the altar, and eventually to The Faith Center, where for much of the past 14 years, they have served faithfully.

“Just knowing that I can be there to help and encourage the people, and the little ones, is such a blessing,” Janice said of her service as a greeter. “It’s been such a wonderful experience for us.”

Clarence agreed: “It’s very rewarding to know that you’re helping to further the ministry by serving. We spend a lot of time in our private study, and then we come here and discover that the same thing the Lord is showing us in private is what the pastor is getting from the Lord. That lets us know that we’re hearing from God.”

One thing is for certain: The Major’s know they heard from God when they decided to become members of The Faith Center church family.

“The teaching here has strengthened us spiritually, and we are more able to apply the Word to our daily lives,” says Clarence. “That means so much to us because without faith life can be very difficult. Every meeting we attend here, Pastor Henry teaches the Word with power. There’s nothing better!”

“The teaching here has strengthened us spiritually, and we are more able to apply the Word to our daily lives."

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