Following God’s Plan!

Peter Snell: Member originally since 1999

Peter Snell had been a member of The Faith Center since 1999 when, believing he had heard from God, he decided to pack up his family a few years ago and start a new life on the other side of the country—in California. Like many other families in the Florida area during that time, Snell and his family had fallen victim of the mass foreclosures that rocked the area as a result of the nation’s financial downturn.

“When we were here before and getting ready to move to California, we were one of the first families to go through the foreclosure process before the whole debacles that the country went through,” Peter recalls. “We had to have faith that God was going to provide, even though we still had to pay our bills. We still tithed, even though the bank was saying, ‘Don’t give your money to the church.’

“You have that outside pressure, but we had to just let it go. It was just a thing of our knowing that God can give you twice as much. We were at peace with it.”

That peace led Peter to move his family to California, in hopes of finding a better life. But it wasn’t long before the Snells discovered that the plan they had for their future was not the same as the plan God had mapped out for them.

“We left here trying to follow a career path,” says Peter as he reflects on the years he admits were spent out of the will of God. “The truth is we truly did not pray about it, so it was like going into the wilderness for five years.”

During that five-year hiatus, Peter and his family endured some trying times, including connecting with a couple of churches that proved not to be compatible with what they believed and how they knew God wanted them to live.

“We were praying about what we needed to do, and whether we should return to Florida and The Faith Center,” Peter recalled. “God didn’t tell us to go anywhere else, but to come back and be under the teaching and tutelage of Henry Fernandez.”

In May 2013, Peter and his family obeyed what they knew was God’s voice, returned to Fort Lauderdale, and immediately reconnected with The Faith Center.

“Knowing how to use our faith, and the Word we had received through the teaching at The Faith Center really helped us stay focused on God,” he added. “The teaching here at The Faith Center has not only enriched our lives, but encouraged our faith. Your everyday walk is tough enough as it is, because your flesh is always bucking. But if you meditate on the messages taught here at The Faith Center, you’ll get something that will help you walk through life with humility, and empower you in every area—including your family life, business-wise, job-wise, and relationship-wise. They touch on everything!”

"The teaching here at The Faith Center has not only enriched our lives, but encouraged our faith."

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